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West Bengal Latest Result

Find out from this page the West Bengal lottery results. Lottery Sambad will always be your partner in providing you the latest results with a PDF file to download. Have you tried your luck yet? Be excited and see if you have the luck to be a millionaire.

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What is West Bengal State Lottery?

Nowadays, life is really hard. If you have a regular job, you understand why it’s really hard to make ends meet. And no matter how much honest labour we punt into work, everything seems not enough.

That’s why there’s no surprise how people respond to lotteries. India is no exception to this. In fact, some of the states legally operate lotteries.

Though, a lot of states also ban lotteries in fear that addiction to it can inflict a negative impact on its citizens. The state of Tamil banned lotteries in their state, due to the uproar of protests for the negative effect of the lottery to families causing them to break.

Citizens of the state of West Bengal are one of the lucky citizens to participate in lotteries legally. West Bengal is also the home of the most famous lottery newspaper household name in India which is Sambad Lottery in Kolkata.

Just by the term itself represents the lottery in general to the locals. There are only 13 states in India where the lottery is legal namely: Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Mizoram.

Lottery Schemes

West Bengal State has four(4) bumper lotteries: Rathayatra, Puja, Nababarsha, Holi Bumper. ‘Unlike other states the state of Bengal ha only 1 lottery scheme. Please below for details:

Draw Day
Dear Banga Lakshmi Teesta
Dear Banga Lakshmi Torsha
Dear Banga Lakshmi Raidak
Dear Banga Bhumi Bhagirathi
Dear Banga Humi Ajay
Dear Bangasree Damodar
Dear Bangasree


‘Daily draws are held every 4:00 PM and results are displayed here. At the moment West Bengal State government doesn’t have an official lottery site. So,  you can view results here, on TV or check it on the published official Gazette of the state


The State is made in every common and study legacy. West Bengal State Lottery Result sanctioned lotteries for its voters and hence the advancement of the State. A lottery could be a snappy gratitude to construct money and get stacked. you’ll attempt to win your luck here as they supply chances to win a huge amount with none battle.

Things can change in the blink of an eye. You may have been struggling with your finances, or hoping for a better future for your family. Work hard and keep on trying, the gods are not blind to your sufferings. We wish you luck and a better life. You can do it!