Kerala Lottery Result Today (PDF Download)

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Kerala State Lottery Result

Kerala Latest Result

What is Kerala Lottery?

Kerala state lottery is the first state that started state lottery in India in 1986. The late  Shri. P .K. Kunju Sahib viewed the sale of lotteries as a non-tax revenue for the state.

Kerala lottery is big business in the state. Around 2.5 lakh people are selling lottery tickets as a means of living. It is also one of the primary sources of revenue for the state. The government takes 20% of the revenue that is objectively intended for employment, state funds, and welfare schemes. Kerala lottery is composed of  7 weekly lotteries namely:

  1. Pournami
  2. Win-Win
  3. Sthree Sakthi
  4. Akshaya
  5. Karunya Plus
  6. Nirmal
  7. Karunya

The state lottery has four(4) seasonal bumper lotteries namely: Xmas, Summer, Vishu, Monsoon, Thiruvonam, and Pooja. Ticket price ranges from 30 – 50 Rupees.


Kerala weekly draws are on every 3: 00 PM on each designated draw day is shown below.

Lottery NameDraw day
Sthree SakthiTuesday
Karunya PlusThursday

Kerala Lottery results are available on the Kerala Lottery official website and the official Gazette. The winner must surrender the winning ticket within 30 days from the draw date.

Kerala Lottery Success Stories

What makes a winning moment more meaningful is the fact that the winner is in a very difficult situation. Given the fact that they’re chosen out of the millions who aspire to win is just magical.

By far one of the most popular winning stories is Mofijul Rahima Sheikh’s story. He is the laborer from West Bengal that just tried to find a job in Kerala for his family. He aims to work hard to build a home for his newly born daughter. At that moment he just earns Rs. 50 for a day’s work in the construction field. As he went home, he found an old man selling lottery for a living and sympathized with him by buying a lottery ticket.

He only knew that he was the winner after 3 days which made him afraid for his life. That’s why he went to the police station for security. He was put on hold for a couple of days just until he withdraws his prize amounting to $150,000.

Is it Legal?

The state government of Kerala facilitates the lottery. Thus, any fraudulent activities will bear no tolerance by the law. It is one of the states that are allowed to operate the lottery in legal terms. However, the government banned online sales and online lottery for the state.

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We all know that there’s a small possibility to win. And luck doesn’t always knock at your doorstep. Go out and look for it. You must be the next ultimate winner.

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