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Being one of the smallest states, Sikkim is not the least in its lottery programs. We in Lottery Sambad has the Sikkim lottery result for today’s draw. All you have to do is scroll down and download the PDF file to see if you won the biggest price.

Sikkim Latest Result

We are happy to bring you the good news. We update Sikkim lottery results every day, so tune in on the results below.

What is Sikkim State Lottery?

In 1890 an agreement was made between the British and the Tibetans that portrayed the limit among Sikkim and Tibet. Tibet likewise admitted the particular association of British India with all the domain of Sikkim. A British political official has been made to help the chogyal from the legislature of Sikkim’s national and worldwide issues, as a result of getting the virtual leader of the nation.

Sikkim Lottery is the state lottery managed and regulated by the state government of Sikkim. The state of Sikkim is one of the 13 states in India where the lottery is legal. The state government continues to encourage the lottery as it helps to fund the state and provide employment opportunities to fellow state members.

Tickets are available for as low as Rs. 6. per ticket so that anyone can join and try their luck. Due to the popularity of the oldest lottery newspaper Sambad Lottery, people may find it frequently associated with some state’s lottery system just like in Sikkim. But don’t be confused because residents each state can participate in any state lottery they want as long as it is within the legal ones.

Lottery Schemes

Sikkim lottery has two(2) schemes which are Dear Morning and Dear Evening. Just like the state of Kerala and Nagaland, Sikkim lottery also has 7 weekly lotteries which are:

Dear Morning(11:55 AM)
Dear Evening(8:00 PM)
Draw Day
Draw Day
Dear Smart Morning
Dear Zeal Evening
Dear Fresh Morning
Dear Delight Evening
Dear Starter Morning
Dear Vigor Evening
Dear Breeze Morning
Dear Energy Evening
Dear EarlyMorning
Dear Dignity Evening
Dear Bloom Morning
Dear Tough Evening

Sikkim also has bumper lotteries namely: Sikkim Saraswati Puja, Lohri Sankranti, Shri Diwali, Shri Kali Puja, Shri Puja, Maha Maha Shivrathri, and New Year Bumper.


Dear Morning daily draws are at 11:55 AM and Dear evening daily draw are at 8:00 PM. Live Draws are conducted at Directorate of Sikkim State Lotteries at the PR Hill Junction in Kohima.

Is it Legal?

The state government of Sikkim doesn’t ban the lottery in its state and continuously encourages everyone to participate in a healthily. The state even established an official website for the state lotteries results. Establishing the official website implies the state government’s initiative with regards to a central information source.

Having second thoughts?

There’s no harm in trying. And what are the odds anyway? Either you win or lose, what matters most is you tried. We never know what luck may bring, so keep on trying!