Goa Rajshree Lottery Result Today

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Goa Rajshree Latest Results

With the state of Goa’s lottery, you will have a lot of chances of winning. So tune in and you might be the next millionaire.

About Goa Rajshree Lottery

Rajshree is the official name of Goa state lottery under the management of Directorate of State Lotteries. It is one of the 13 Indian states where lotteries are legal. Moreover, according the Goa’s official lottery website, the lottery aims to fund the welfare schemes for the poor and public health centers.

Goa Rajshree Lottery Sambad has its own Rajshree Lottery right now, Goa state Lottery, otherwise called Rajshree Lottery Sambad. Following the strides of elective government affirmed lotteries. The government of state began State Lottery, so the people of the state will gain some more cash. Goa State lottery brings about view and downloads effectively by a single click.

Schemes and Draws

Rajshree Lottery is the statewide lottery run by the government of Goa. It is by far one of the biggest lotteries in India with five running weekly lotteries and one bumper lottery. The weekly lotteries are as follows:

Daily Lottery

Keno Weekly Lottery

Everest and Magic Lottery

Lucky Four Lottery

Bumper Lottery

  • Rajshree Holi Bumper 05:00 PM

Tips on winning the lottery

While many of us have been trying a lot lottery for the past years and Richard Lustig has been winning 7 times in a row. Well, that’s like making us question if he has some secret computation or magic tricks right ? But he’s not too greedy to share some tips and they are the following:

  1. Pick your own number and use it all over again. He believes that the second time you bet for the same numbers will give it a higher chance to win.
  2. He says that you shouldn’t be extreme in betting by spending your grocery money or rent money for the lottery. So bet only on the tickets that you can afford.
  3. You should set a budget for your lottery tickets. It’s quite simple as it seems but some people are really spending tons of money just to increase their chances of winning.


Everything that’s worth having requires time and effort. So, you should do your homework and set your ‘favorite’ numbers. Try them out in a healthy amount and let luck finds it way on you.

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