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The state of Punjab known as the Golden Harvests is home to rich natural resources in India. But of course, it’s only one of the states that operate the lottery legally.

Punjab Latest Results

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About Punjab State Lottery

The state of Punjab is one of the 13 states that legalize the operation of the lottery. It has all established lottery system. Its official website is also the most organized official site among the 13 states. It started in 1988 and now continues to serve the public with transparency.

The state lottery also sets a strong stance by stating their great opposition to illegal activities like prize chits, Satta and Matka in their main objectives. Their sincere set of objectives sets them apart from other lottery systems. They also iterated that the lottery’s governing body aims to fund the state’s treasury to further enhance the development and welfare projects.

The Lottery’s impact on the state

The Punjab state lottery’s site also showcases all their previous winners and the prizes they’ve won. The website also shows clippings from tabloids which showcases how the lottery changed the lives of its citizens.

One touching story is how a daily wage earner Manoj Kumar’s winning changed his daughter’s lives. He just borrowed the money to buy the lottery ticket just trying out his chances.

Right before he wins the first prize of Rs 1 crore, his eldest daughter is on the verge of quitting school for work. To his luck, her children now can take any courses they want. But unfortunately, if only luck came earlier, he would have provided enough funds for better healthcare services for his father who recently died.


Unlike other states, Punjab state lottery has only one weekly lottery known as Shubh Mangal Weekly Lottery. However, they have a monthly lottery scheme known as Punjab state Deluxe monthly lottery.

Even though their lottery scheme is not as frequent as other states, participants of the lottery may still have more chances of winning on a monthly basis. The state lottery also has a Bumper known as Lohri.


If you are curious or just want to join, draws are held once a week every Wednesday at Ludhiana.


Everyone wants to be rich for several reasons. Typically, it’s like how a father would love to give the best life for his family, a daughter who wants to make her parents proud and many more. That is why a lot of people are anticipating the instant-millionaire life that the lottery brings.

The higher the prize, the more anticipation comes from the crowd. The state of Punjab is no different. Currently, the weekly lottery’s first prize is Rs 3,00,000 while the monthly lottery’s first prize is Rs. 20,00,000.

Final Thoughts

Citizens of the state of Punjab are one of the lucky ones to have a chance for a good life. That’s why the demand for the lottery in the state still continues to grow. Not only does it help people to have hope but also provide financial assistance to the state. Thus, making it a win-win situation for everyone.