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We are committed to being your source for daily lottery results.

L.S. Publication is a prominent newspaper publication headquartered in Kolkata India. It was established in 1992 and gained more experiences in the printing and publishing industry.

Lottery Sambad by L.S. Publications is the only Bengali lottery newspaper in Kolkota. It is also the oldest in the region which makes recognizable to people in India.

Lottery Sambad publishes results from different states in India including Kerala, Goa, Nagaland, Sikkim, Bodoland, West Bengal, Punjab, and Mizoram. Most of the these states have daily draws while some have weekly and monthly draws.

Aside from being the famous lottery newspaper in India, Lottery Sambad also found a way to bring people the easiest method of viewing the results through an online platform.

Here, we provide daily lottery results in the most convenient way. Furthermore, results can be downloaded in PDF format for future references.

Meet Our Team

Meet the people behind Lottery Sambad

Suresh Chakrabarti (B.SJ & M.S)
Founder and Manager

Suresh is a person of wisdom who loves to read and discover. He is also the person initiated this online platform to provide information to the people available on the internet. His profession helped him a lot in making this website come to reality.

Nandini Bath (BS.C & AIT)
Content Creator

Nandini is a graduate of Communication and acquired units in Information technology. Along with her full-time job as Head writer, she also ventured into teaching. Most of her time are spent in front of her computer to do research and publish her own book.

Sameera Mohanty (BS.CS)
Web Developer

Sameera works as a full-time web developer. She also creates webinars to teach computer applications and programming. Her job is to ensure that the website is user friendly. Aside from working, she is also on sports which she enjoys during her free time.

Advertising Policy

Lottery Sambad is committed to providing with you the latest lottery results covering different states in India. Furthermore, we want to excel in the field of content writing and publishing.

We allow advertising on our website. However, we do not sell anything, including your personal details onto third party advertisers. We solely want to provide information to our daily readers who are into lotteries.

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  • For support and assistance, contact our customer service representative.
  • You can also directly send an email to our management team for further assistance.

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