How to Check Dhankesari Lottery Result

Many want to follow the steps of those whose fate changed by the help of the Dhankesari lottery. Anyone has the opportunity. Aside from the prize that could change life in an instant, the tickets are affordable not to resist trying. To add encouragement, we will give you details on how to check the Dhankesari result. So you can quickly look if the winning numbers match the list of numbers you bet here in You can also check old lottery Sambad from our site.

how to check dhankesari lottery result

For the Indian community, the Dhankesari lottery places a vital role in their lives. This serves as a platform to dream and achieve more significant changes. People in India live a simple life, and they adopt lottery games to have something that will raise someone from them against poverty. Dhankesari lottery has helped many people to change their status of living. 

About Dhankesari?

Dhankesari is a Hindi publisher that provides daily lottery results. It publishes the results from Sikkim State and West Bengal. Aside from the three draws in Nagaland, 11:55 AM, 4:00 PM, and 8:00 PM. Dhankesari starts as a newspaper company then elevated it service by using a high-tech method of serving updates about lotteries. It made giving the lottery results a more suitable needs of the readers. In which will only need them to search the result using their electronic gadgets.

Dhankesari is not related to any online lottery or selling tickets online. The goal of Dhankesari is to provide updated results online and to become a reliable source of Dhankesari lottery details.

How to Check Dhankesari Lottery Result

 To discover how to check Dhankesari lottery result, we will guide you to download your desired Dhankesari result by the following process. First, access the result page. Click on the result button you will see on this page. Two options will appear upon clicking the button. You will choose if you want to download the file on PDF or DBF. As you select your desired format to download the file, the result will automatically download on your mobile device or desktop.

We need your understanding of the essential aspects that we need to elaborate on. This is because before you play a lottery game such us Dhankesari, you need to understand first the system that goes with this kind of game. 

Result Today

Dhankesari lottery has a total of three draws. This means that there is three winning results delivered in a day. The schedule of the lottery result of Dhankesari is 11:55 AM, 4:00 PM, and 8:00 PM. You can download Dhankesari lottery result today in either image file of PDF file online to save the data as a record. 

Old Results

Dhankesari results online are available each day. You can also get the old results from previous days, weeks, or months. It is updated late on the sites, so the old results provided for you to get the details through the days have passed. This is somewhat same with lottery Sambad old results.

Result Today Timings

Dhankesari lottery draws three times in a day. Compared to other games, lottery games have a spectacular amount of cash prize. That is why the intervals of giving you result online take a while. 


Dhankesari lottery is a reliable and high-tech result deliverer of their game. The chances of winning, which is three times a day, gives every Indian citizen a high potential to win the game. 

Try it now and let’s see how your world will turn around if you win the big prize that awaits you. If you have more questions to ask, don’t feel hesitant to leave a message in the comment box. We will respond to it quickly.

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